Baiona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the province of Pontevedra (Galicia). From several of its lookout points you can observe the Cíes Islands, a natural paradise home to “the most beautiful beach in the world” according to The Guardian, the Rodas Beach. Baiona is a coastal town that was the focus for trade in the region until the spectacular development of Vigo, that took place at the end of the 19th century. Movement on the Vigo bay is marked by commercial and fishing vessels, all under the watchful eye of Baiona, located alongside Cape Silleiro. The town’s most attractive streets are set around the bay, which open up next to the mouth of Miñor River. It was here that the La Pinta moored in 1493, the first caravel to reach port after the voyage of discovery to the New World. Don’t miss the sunset from Monterreal Castle and its famous Príncipe Tower. It has three kilometres of defensive walls and is now a Parador Hotel, Parador de Baiona, where our Summer School will be held. Ribeira Beach, Concheira Beach and Barbeira Beach will become some of your favourite sites, in addition to losing yourself in the medieval old town of Baiona, and heading up to the Virgen de la Roca lookout point.


Vigo-Peinador airport  – Parador de Baiona (29,7 Km)

The best way to get to Baiona is by air, via Vigo-Peinador airport, which is located at 25 minutes from the Parador de Baiona. From Peinador airport, a taxi can be taken to get to Baiona. It will take you about 20 minutes to get to the Parador de Baiona from Vigo airport.

Radio Taxi Vigo: (+34) 986 272 829

Central Radio Taxi: (+34) 986 470 000


You can stay at Parador de Baiona, but there are other alternatives at a walking distance from the summer school venue:

Hotel Rompeolas

Address: Av. Joselín, 8, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number: 986 35 51 30


Hotel Bahía Baiona

Address: Est. de Santa Marta, 13, 36308 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phoner number: 986 38 50 04


Casa do Marqués

Address: Rúa das Areas, 13, 36393 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number: 986 35 31 50


Hotel Carabela la Pinta

Address: Camino Entrehuertas,21-1º Esquina calle Carabela la Pinta, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number: 986 35 51 07

Hotel Tres Carabelas

Address:  Rúa Ventura Misa, 61 baixo, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number: 986 35 51 33

Hotel Anunciada

Address:  Rúa Ventura Misa, 58, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number: 986 35 60 18


Hotel Baiona

Address:  Rúa do Conde, 36, 36300 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number: 986 38 50 30

Hotel Arce Baiona

Address:  Rúa Julián Valverde, 40, 36393 Baiona, Pontevedra

Phone number:  986 38 60 60